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Training for Alabama Trustees: APLS Required Trustee Training

APLS Required Trustee Training

APLS implemented a new state aid requirement mandating the completion of APLS-provided board training by the end of FY2021. Specifically: “In order to receive state aid, a library board must…designate at least two board members to complete APLS trustee training (effective 2021)” 520-2-2-.03 (2)(c).

Each library board must at all times have at least two sitting members who have undergone training.

To fulfill this requirement, APLS has created a program of short instructional videos (8-10 minutes each) covering the following subjects:

  • The Alabama Code 1975
  • State Aid, Ethics
  • Parliamentary Procedures
  • Bylaws
  • Planning
  • Open Meetings Act
  • APLS Services
  • Policies
  • Funding
  • Director/Trustee Roles.

Board members must watch each video to fulfill this requirement. While individual members can watch this on their own time, boards should consider viewing and discussing the materials during regularly scheduled meetings. 

You must sign in to Niche Academy.  If you do not have an account, you must create one.  Click here to create a new account. 

This link will take you to the Niche Academy registration page. Enter your First and Last Names, your email address and a password.  Once you've completed the form, complete the Captcha and click on Create my account.  Once you have these credentials, login here to access APLS Required Trustee Training.

For assistance Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM central, contact Rhonda Napier at (334) 213.3951 or Stephanie Taylor at (334) 213.3943.

Reporting to APLS is automatic. Please note that users must watch each video from start to finish to receive credit and a completion certificate. Users will also receive a certificate of completion for watching all APLS Required Trustee Training videos.  Videos in this series must be watched in order.

Note, if you prefer to have your trustees watch the APLS Academy training videos as a group under your Niche account, the certificate will be in your name. Please notify us about the trustees in attendance so we can give them credit for completing the training for state aid purposes.



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