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APLS Book Club Kits: Home

APLS book club books can be reserved using LibCal via the link below. Most kits include 10 copies; however, there are some kits that have less. Please note the quantities that are available before choosing a title.




  • Our kits are a public library service and may only be checked out by libraries with an APLS library account and distributed on site by a verified public library staff member. If your library does not currently have an APLS account, one will be made at the time of your booking. Kits are not permitted to be loaned to individual patrons, schools or other libraries.

  • Libraries are permitted to check out TWO kits at a time per book club to allow for the exchanging of the old book for the new book. For example: If there are three different book clubs being held at one library, that library is permitted to check out six kits at one time. Please also note that there is a 7-day padding time between all checkouts that serves as a grace period for late shipments, USPS delays, and APLS shipping and handling time. This means that if you are trying to check out a kit that a library has just had less than 7 days prior, the book will not be available until that time has lapsed.

  • The default duration of a book club kit checkout is 60 days however, kits may be returned earlier. Please make sure to take note of your due dates and return your kits on time, as there may be other libraries scheduled to receive them after you. If your kit is returned late, then their kit will arrive late. Please be considerate.

  • Multiple kit bookings can be made to reserve future book club events throughout a period of 12 months.

  • Kits cannot be split up; checking out a book club title means receiving all of the books that are in that kit.

  • Please do not leave tape, labels, or book straps on the books. Books should be returned in the same condition in which they were received.

  • After the book club event, the borrowing library is responsible for the collection of the books, packaging them up and returning them to APLS. Return shipping is to be paid by the borrowing library.


Click the green link below to make a reservation or if you are new, see instructions here.
Download a list of our current selection of book club titles here.