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Family Quarantine Resource Guide: Teens

How can you keep kids entertained during the coronavirus crisis? Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or working from home, there are plenty of ways to keep the whole family from going stir-crazy.


36 Indoor Activities for Teens During a Quarantine



1. Write letters to elderly in nursing homes

This may be one of the most important things you can do for your community while in your home. Sit down with your teen(s) and write letters to the elderly and those who are in nursing homes, unable to see their families or loved ones due to the virus. This can help the elderly feel less isolated and will make their day.

2. Start a family book reading club

My daughter and I started a book club last year, taking turns selecting books to read together. Choose a book that you can order via iBook or Kindle and have a select amount of chapters to read each day. Then sit down together and discuss the daily chapter selections.



3. Play board games

Family game night has never been more important. Break out the Scrabble board, or Monopoly, or opt to play Uno or another card game.

4. Disney + and Chill

Frozen 2 is now on Disney +, alongside an array of films and programming that will delight your oldest and youngest children. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are great options, too!

5. Question of the Day

Encourage each family member to create a question of the day, and have fun during mealtimes answering them.

6. Cook together

Get your teen involved in the daily meal prep by cooking with them. They make great sous chefs!

7. Dance party

Did you grow up during the disco era? Why not bust some moves with your teen, showing then that you can shake your groove thing just as well as they can.

8. Email family members

Create a family email address and send electronic greetings daily, allowing your teen to communicate with other family members.

9. Take a virtual trip or tour

Google Earth and the internet are a great way to see some world! Select a faraway destination and go online and share a virtual trip together. The possibilities are endless. Virtual field trips count, too!

10. Storytime

Take turns building a story. You can start if off, then have your teen continue the story alongside other family members. It can be fun seeing how the next “scene” or chapter turns out.

11. Share non-Coronavirus news and info

Make it a point to share news and information daily that is not about the pandemic.

12. Get active

Make sure that while you are binge-watching movies and TV shows that you get active and moving. Try to workout as a family while indoors (jumping jacks, jogging in place, lifting small weights, etc.) Give incentives for the teen who has the most steps.

13. Unplug Hour

Have your teens unplug for at least one hour a day. No TV, computer, phone, gadget, etc. Use this as a reading or learning time.

14. Eat as a family

Make it a point to eat together everyday as a family.

15. Photo a Day

Take a photo of your teen each day as a reminder later as to how they survived Covid-19.



16. Indoor planting kit

Indoor planting kits are all the rage these days, and you can plant flowers, herbs, and even some veggies in the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to teach your teen about homesteading and growing their own items.

17. Journal

Give your teen a journal for them to write down their thoughts and feelings while being indoors.

18. Word a Day

Pick an obscure word a day and have them learn the meaning. Take turns picking out the word.

19. Make a weekly menu

Allow your teen to help you come up with the weekly menu. Let them think up with dishes that they can also help you prepare.

20. Paint away

Got paper and paint? Have a painting hour together, using YouTube painting tutorials.

21. Arts and crafts

Speaking of painting, how about coming up with some group arts and crafts that you and your teens can do together.

22. Spa day

Grab some beauty essentials from around the house and have a glorified spa day.

23. Assign homework

If your teen’s school hasn’t assigned classwork to be done at home, use an online curriculum to assign homework so that they are continuing to learn while at home.

24. Create a family mission statement

Have your teen develop a family mission statement that expresses the values your family represent.

25. FaceTime friends and family

Encourage your teen to be active socially, even if it has to be done virtually.

26. Chore list

Chores for teens during a quarantine? Uh, YES!

27. Family newsletter

Wanna let your extended family know how you and your brood are doing? Create a family newsletter and assign your teen to be the editor. Have them use Canva to create it, then send it to friends and family via email.

28. Chat in real life

Have discussions with your teen daily. Keep the lines of communication open, always, but especially during these times.

29. Wish list

Have your teen write out a Wish List of activities they want to enjoy once life gets back to normal.

30. Coloring Books

Adult coloring books and help with anxiety and stress. Order a few online for you and your teen, and spend time daily coloring.

31. Tea time

Why not enjoy High Tea a few times a week?

32. Talent show

Your teens have talent—so do you! Have fun putting on a family talent show.

33. Podcasts

Sit together and listen to podcasts, Let your teen pick a few to listen to, and then you can select a few as well.

34. Family history

How about chatting about the family tree while sharing family history?



35. Play instruments

Practice makes perfect. Encourage your teen to continue playing their instruments.

36. Go live

Have some fun interacting with the outside world by going live on Facebook or Instagram. Show ’em what your quarantined life looks like.