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Alabama Hotspot Lending Program: Cataloging Information

APLS provided MARC records to each project site. Each MARC record is formatted like this:

=LDR  00214nam  2200073   45e0
=092  \\$aMobile Hotspot
=245  \\$a[Library Name] [Vendor Name] Hotspot [Unit Number]
=246  \\$a[Vendor Name Hotspot Model] Mobile Hotspot
=500  \\$aIMEI 015659006409730

Each hotspot sent to project sites has a sticky note with the last four digits of the IMEI number, vendor name, and unit number. This information corresponds with a specific MARC record.

Make sure to match the hotspot to its corresponding MARC record using the last four digits of the IMEI number (field 500) and hotspot unit number (field 245). Doing so will ensure that APLS staff are able to correctly identify a unit to the vendor in the event of technical difficulties, loss, or damage.

The cataloging process should flow like this:

  • Import the APLS-provided MARC records into your ILS.
  • Match each record to its corresponding unit as above.
  • Apply a barcode sticker and scan the barcode into your ILS.
  • Adjust the loan period to one week and the fine level to $0.