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How to Use Homework Alabama: Extra Resources

This guide is intended as an overview of how to use Homework Alabama. It covers the tutoring service, drop-off, and static resources.


Step 4: Using Extra Resources







This feature operates much like the tutoring service. Use the drop down menus and dialog boxes to input information about your assignment or tutoring needs, upload your document for review and click "Submit".

You can submit a paper, resume, or cover letter and receive an expert review of your written material within 12 hours! Available 24/7.











Just like with your paper, resume, or cover letter, there is a math question drop off. It works just like the tutoring and writing service. Use the dropdown menus and dialog boxes to describe what you need help with and click "Submit". You can either type in, draw, or attach a document showing the problem you need help with. You will receive expert help within 24 hours. Available 24/7.






You can also access practice quizzes on a number of academic subjects. Just select the topic (like Algebra I) and quiz (like Algebraic Expressions) and click "Take Quiz". 

This will open a popup window where you can interact with quiz content.














Other tools available to you are ACT/Sat test prep resources, including practice tests, graduate school exam test prep, including practice tests, AP exam prep videos, and math and language art skills videos.

(1) Submit Your Paper for Review

(2) Drop Off a Math Question

(3) Access Practice Quizzes

(3) Access Practice Quizzes

(4) Access Other Tools