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How to Use Homework Alabama: Finding a Tutor

This guide is intended as an overview of how to use Homework Alabama. It covers the tutoring service, drop-off, and static resources.


Step 1: Finding A Tutor





This is Homework Alabama's splash page. It has helpful information, like the kinds of materials available on the resource and the hours of operation for each of the tutoring services (Homework and Career Alabama).


Please note the hours of operation for this service have been changed through May 31, 2020 in response to COVID-19 concerns. Since more students are working at home, has extended hours from 8AM-11PM for both Homework Help and Academic Tutoring and Career Alabama.


To access Homework Alabama, click "Homework Alabama" or "Get Started".














This is the main page. The gray box is where you describe what you need help with and connect with a tutor.

















Step 1: Pick a Topic (like Math), a Subject (like Algebra), a Grade (like 8th), and the name of your local public library from the drop down menus.

Step 2: Enter your question into the provided space and click “Connect Now”.

You can also select a tutor with voice-chat capabilities or attach a file if you need to.

(1) Homework Alabama Splash Page

(2) Tutoring Main Screen

(3) Tutor Selection Interface