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Scary Alabama: Home

A guide to supernatural lore set in Alabama or written by Alabama authors.

Harper Lee described Alabama as "a region of natural storytellers", though many of the stories told are supernatural. Alabama's uniquely rich tradition of ghost stories and other eerie tales range from lighthearted t to terrifying and from supposedly "absolutely true" to bestselling fiction. Whether the reader is a believer or mpt, the tales themselves are often entertaining capsules of the time and place in which they are told.
The Alabama Public Library Service maintains one of the largest collections of Alabamiana in existence. This LibGuide is intended to highlight some of Alabama's contributions to scary tales, whether as the setting of the story or the home of the storyteller.
Every book included in this guide is available for checkout.

PS- The graphic above contains references to several famous Alabama Hauntings. Most of them appear in  books by Alabama storyteller Kathryn Windham Tucker. Scroll through the images below to identify them and click for more information.


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