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Training for Alabama Trustees: Advocacy

Advocacy Resources

United for Libraries: The American Library Association's repository of advocacy information.

WebJunction: Search results for "Advocacy" in WebJunction.

WebJunction II: WebJunction's "Advocacy" Topic Area. 

Alabama Public Library Service: APLS' curated list of advocacy information and links. May duplicate some of the information above.

The Importance of Advocacy

No board member should feel nervous about contacting their elected officials about the library they represent. Advocating for the needs of the library and community is part and parcel of a board member's appointment.

Nevertheless, many feel apprehensive about doing this part of the job and may wait until it's too late to begin a dialog with the people who control local finances and state aid appropriations, if they start at all.

The only way to avoid being too late is to consider every day "library advocacy day" and to take or make every opportunity to speak with your elected officials about all the good work your library is doing and ask for greater support.


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